It would have been impossible to achieve the opportunity to conduct the Cordoba Orchestra, the Galicia Symphony, the RTVE Orchestra, and the Youth Orchestra of Madrid at the National Auditorium, as well as other orchestras in Spain and around the world, without a solid conviction that music is my PASSION.

I would not understand my life without music: Since I was four years old I remember being around the piano, singing the songs from television shows and cartoons. Through this daily initiation I began an adventure that still continues to unravel the mystery of the miracle which we call MUSIC.

With the pursuit of music as my goal, I started my career at the Conservatory of Music in my hometown of Linares, Spain. At the age of 12 and with the piano as my tool, I began to study the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Faure, Brahms. My very first orchestral score was Mahler's Symphony No.1.

The study of music was a natural and creative process during which I discovered my musical vocation. Since those early days, my only wish has been to train at the highest level, first in my primary instrument, piano. Piano led me to study orchestral conducting at The Music Center of the Basque Country, where I studied under Enrique Garcia Asensio. I moved to the United States to further pursue my education, and I received my Master's degree from the State University of Illinois under Maestro Glenn Block, and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Kentucky under Maestro John Nardolillo. Along this journey I have received numerous prizes and recognition for which I am proud and grateful, most notably: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Santa Isabel de Hungary of Seville, 2006; the 11th International Competition of Orchestra Conductors, "Mestre Ferriz," 2008; the Andalusian Youth Prize, 2009; Jaen Joven Award for the Arts, Andalusian Institute of Youth, 2014; Best New Artist from the Cultura Viva Foundation. I have also been asked to serve as a jurist in various competitions, such as the International Music Band Contest in the city of Valencia.
These honors have encouraged me and fuelled my desire to continue to grow and develop as a musician. I am currently the artistic director and founder of the Taller Lírico Loving Opera. Through this company we are able to bring opera to the public, and reach new demographics who are being introduced to opera for the first time.

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